How To Use

How to use GRAVITY

True relaxation is the key to using GRAVITY, to ensure that you benefit from its natural actions.

Lie down, face up, on a firm surface. A carpeted floor is ideal, but you could lie on a yoga mat, the beach, grass, or a therapy table if you have one. Avoid using a bed as it is usually too soft for GRAVITY to be effective. However, if you find getting down to floor level difficult you could use a board on your bed to create a firmer surface. Some people use a roll mat on the dining table! 

A support under your knees is important as it allows the hips to relax and takes pressure off the lower back. Place a cushion or rolled-up yoga mat under your knees or, if you’re on the go, put your feet up on a chair or a sofa. If you do not have anything to use as a support, place your feet flat on the floor with your knees at a 30 – 45 degree angle.



Everyone’s level of tension and support is different. With this in mind the keystone can be used in different ways;
  • The standard way, with both the white plastic and the soft blue side connected to one another and the blue side against your sacrum.
  • If at first you find the keystone too firm, you can separate the white plastic from the soft blue mat and lie only on the blue mat until you feel comfortable using the keystone together in the standard way.
  • For a deeper impact, you may wish to flip over the keystone and place the white plastic side against the sacrum, with the soft blue mat on the floor. Please note, you can use the keystone in any of the ways above, as long as it is comfortable for you.


The keystone should be positioned before the cradle. Place the keystone under your pelvis, centrally, against your sacrum.

The top flat edge of the keystone is marked with the word ‘TOP’, which runs in line with the top of the sacrum.

The point of the triangle should sit about an inch above the tailbone/coccyx. In non-medical terms, at the beginning of the crease of your bottom.

It is important that it is placed central to the sacrum, but move it around slightly to find a position that is comfortable for you. You should be able to relax into it within a minute or so.

To further relax the pelvis, allow the knees to very slightly roll out to each side.


Hold the neck cradle with the word GRAVITY facing you, then place it behind your neck and head. The side nearest the top of your head has four nodules on the reverse of the unit. The side nearest your neck has five.

Move it around until it feels comfortable for you – small adjustments to both pieces are key. A lot of tension in the shoulders may push the cradle towards the head, giving a sense of pressure against the head and neck and unacknowledged tension in your back can sometimes cause discomfort. Prior to using GRAVITY, gentle shoulder shrugs could help to loosen you up and relax.

If you are very tense, you may find the neck cradle feels too firm during the first few sessions. You could place the velvet GRAVITY bag, or a towel, over the cradle to cushion it at first.

Once you have found a comfortable position, close your eyes and RELAX …. let go of any tension. Let your shoulders relax with your arms by your side. As the tension disperses, your weight distribution will change, and you may wish to reposition the cradle and keystone so that your neck and back can assume their natural position.


The soft blue part of the neck cradle should not be removed from the white cradle rocker. To fully benefit from the effects of the GRAVITY device, you should use both the keystone and the cradle at the same time.

You may feel pressure as you lie on GRAVITY, but it shouldn’t feel painful. If you do experience pain, adjust the position of the two pieces. If the pain persists, stop for this session.

Everyone is built differently and will feel the benefits of using GRAVITY at different rates. Using GRAVITY on a regular basis allows tension to be released, giving the body a chance to heal and recover.

GRAVITY is not a substitute or alternative for medical treatment.

If in any doubt as to whether GRAVITY is suitable for your own use, please consult your doctor.


To remove GRAVITY, first lift the head and remove the neck cradle. You may wish to replace the cradle with a cushion under you head. Next, lift the pelvis and remove the keystone and then remove the bolster from under the knees. Lie for a minute or two before rolling onto your side to get up. It is not unusual to feel a little light-headed following a session, as it shows that you have relaxed!

Please click here to download a digital PDF version of our GRAVITY user guide.